ProGo Movers is the Smartest Move You’ll Make!

If you are looking for a highly-experienced moving company that fits your needs, you’ve come to the right place!

Moving requires trust between company and customer. We believe that trust is based on a history of great service and a long-established reputation. ProGo Movers has an impressive history in the DC area and dozens of five star ratings from residential and commercial moves!

At ProGo Movers, we hold ourselves to the highest standard to make sure we give our customers top-notch moving services. Whether you are moving your home or business, down the street or across the country, ProGo Movers can handle it all! We take great care with your home, your office and your belongings.

Services We Offer

Whether you are moving your office building, family home, or 8th floor apartment, we have you covered with a moving plan to fit your exact needs, budget, and timeframe. These are the services that we offer to our clients in the DC area:

  • Residential Moves: Regardless of whether you are moving down the street, across the DC Metro area, or to the other side of the country, ProGo Movers will be with you every step of the way.
  • Commercial Moves: Our professional movers are experts in packing, careful transport and unpacking. We can assist any sized business, from a small office to a large commercial building, and help you navigate the tricky process of relocating.
  • Staging Moves: ProGo Movers is your compete source for home staging moves. We understand the process of staging and work with many of the top stagers in the DC Metro area to help prepare their clients homes for sale. Not all movers understand the staging process and we do! We are highly experienced with in home moves that help the seller and stager rearrange furniture. We can also assist in the declutter process by either packing and taking packed items to our warehouse storage space or removing the boxes that the client has packed themselves. Once the home is sold we can return the stored items to the sold home or move them to the new home.
  • Packing: Whether you would like assistance packing up your entire home or you'd just like some help with fragile items, our highly trained packers will do the job efficiently and safely.
  • In-Hose Moves: If you need a helping hand with an in-house or inter office task, we are an excellent resource to help you get the task done. Our experienced movers can tackle any moving need inside the home or office which allows you to relax while they do the work for you. We want to be your go to mover for all your moving needs.

Benefits of Service

With our thorough training and compassionate, hardworking attitude, our residential and commercial customers can be confident that their valuables are in safe hands. Contact us today to learn more!

We offer our customers the option to get a quote, check availability, and book quickly and easily!

Some moving companies charge hidden fees. Not us! We want to keep it simple, as it should be. For local moves, absolutely everything is included in our hourly rate. If you are headed out of our service area, we still have a simple hourly rate, the only change is we do add a transportation fee based on the mileage outside of our service zone.

We repair, replace, or provide a cash settlement for any item damaged by our movers during the moving process. This provides more peace of mind for your move.